Saturday, September 3, 2011

Crazy girl fight

These girls fight hard mang
Video link - Crazy chicks scrap hard

The WTF kitty - WTF is up with this kitten?

This can gets the most silly look on his face
Video link - WTF KITTY!

Funny karate ninja bear

This guy can bear bruce lee i bet
Video link - Karate bear

Darth vader robs the liquor store

Even movie stars rob banks sometimes
Video link - Darth vader robs bank 4 real

Lady having some fun on the escalater

Lol this is a good one
Video link - Elevator madness

Mentos experiment done by amateur

This guy is a genius
Video link - Menton experiment done by amateur

Funny dog playing the piano

This dog is playing totally unassisted
Video link - Funny dog playing the piano

Red sox fan runs on field and gets slammed

This guy get slammed hard
Video link - Red sox fan runs on field

Flip flops glued to the floor

This guy goes for a little trip
Video link - Flip flop glue prank

Friday, September 2, 2011

Man with many funny faces

This guy is the king of funny faces
Video link - Man with many funny faces

Funny bulldog jumping on trampoline

This funny little dog loves it!
Video link - Bulldog jumping on trampoline

Bad day at the office

This guy is stressed out!
Video link - Bad day at the office

This is too funny

I wont ruin it and tell u, but watch this!
Video link - Very funny video!

Funny cat playing fetch

A funny little cat who thinks hes a dog
Video link - Cat playing fetch

Funny old man fight - One falls over

Two old men slug it out old person style
Video link - Funny old man fight

Mad TV gangsta fight - These guys are HARDCORE

These guys are HARDCORE!
Video link - Mad TV gangsta fight

Crazy human sling shot - Girl flinged 100 metres

This girl goes flying like 100 meters!
Video link - Crazy human slingshot

Watermelon launch goes bad - Full version

This is so painful, poor girl i hope she is ok!
Video link - Watermelon launch goes bad

Watch behind the reporter - look at the dogs

I think the editor got fired for missing this one
Video link - Watch behind the reporter

Ultimate drunk person - He cant even walk

This guy is so drunk he cant even walk
Video link - Stupid drunk guy

Funny compilation of worst women drivers

Here is a funny video, entitled the worlds worst women drivers
Video link - Worst women drivers